The Overview

MyPower Solutions is the world’s first mobile energy franchise business with a simple, focused business model that provides the affordable, practical, mobile electricity necessary to power life’s essential needs. By providing mobile power through our state of the art solar technology, we can empower people in rural areas across the globe with life changing opportunities. Through a simple battery exchange franchise concept, our individual battery packs supply the daily energy needed for clean LED lighting, cell phones and mini tablets loaded with inspiration, education and entertainment. The passion that drives us to succeed is measured only in the lives that are changed and the business leaders we have equipped to be a catalyst of sustainability in their communities.


MyPower Solutions® began with the belief that technology could change the lives of people who live in poverty. That idea evolved into an exclusive handheld battery pack that maintains a charge for several hours while simultaneously charging other devices like a cell phone. The battery pack became the basis of the MyPower Solutions kit that includes two LED lights, earbuds and a mini tablet pre-loaded with educational, news and spiritual materials. Access to an affordable, clean and sustainable source of power like MyPower Solutions can turn poverty into prosperity by delivering to indigenous areas safe lighting where there is none; communication where it lacks; education where it was never before possible; and economic opportunity where little exists.


My Power Solutions is more than an energy solution. It is a business model. Entrepreneurs receive training, marketing resources, and a storefront. Cargo units are refurbished into solar powered stores and educational space. Each store employs up to 11 people and has the capacity to exchange fresh batteries and sell products to up to 500 customers. Micro-finance loans are available to underwrite the purchase of each kit and make it possible for customers to bring life changing products into their homes. By using cargo units, each store is portable and can be delivered to specific locations, especially in rural areas where the need is greatest for power, education and economic opportunity. For those interested in purchasing a franchise unit, their franchise will be put in place and fully operational within four months of purchase, and making a projected profit within 120 days.

MyPower Solutions is making its mark across Africa through the growth of our eco-system and selection of master franchisees to develop strategic areas throughout Africa. African funding partners and organizations are preparing to roll out hundreds of franchise locations in 19 African countries, starting with the 9 providences in South Africa. With My Power Solutions vision and technology, the support of partners in Africa and the investment of franchise owners, we are positioning ourselves to facilitate sustainable change for individuals, communities and local economies throughout Africa and in other locations around the world.