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From Planning to Planting

One of the most blessed times of the year, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, is fast approaching and we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

December is the transition from refining product development and capital raising to implementation. We recently met with the African team in our US corporate office. Our mission was successful in fine tuning the implementation of our rollout plan.

We are in the process of hiring outside sales representatives for franchise sales, managers and employees to begin training. It is important that excellence is achieved by each employee, owner and representative of our brand.

Our current training academy is setup in Johannesburg, South Africa. As our team is training, we will continue to entertain the outpouring of interest from investors, government officials, organizations and financial institutions.

Building a micro-franchise enterprise from the ground up and outlining operational procedures for every aspect of the business from the US office to South Africa is a large endeavor. Our goal is to present MyPower Solutions in a positive light from the user to the owners and investors. As the store builds its customer base, revenue will be generated as well as the first sales data. Reports will also track user activity via the tablet-based app.

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