Public Service

Individuals in developed countries take for granted the easy access to news, government information and public health resources. Although, Africa currently has 71% of cell phone subscribers, charging your device to stay in tune with current information is scarce. Access to this basic information lights the way to ending the isolation that millions in rural Africa alone experience in their everyday lives. This basic need can improve health and communication. MyPower Solutions’ products connect individuals with opportunity that can improve their quality of life.


Technology provides a myriad of entertainment from inspirational videos to games. MyPower Solutions’ smart devices will offer top-quality technology that is readily available in developed countries to rural areas, starting in Africa. MyPower Solutions’ initial product kits contain a mini tablet pre-loaded with some entertainment options. Soon, a broad range of entertainment can be added per services agreements and advertisements bringing rural Africa into the light.


MyPower Solutions understands the education lack, with 2012 reports stating about half of sub-Saharan Africa, 128 million school-aged children are currently attending school and will acquire the basic skills needed for the current rural lifestyle. MyPower Solutions envisions changing the statistic with world-class educational materials pre-loaded in the MyPower Solutions product kits. Africa is projected to inhabit more individuals than Asia in 2016 widening the scope of the impact MyPower Solutions can potentially have on individuals, especially children. Children growing up with readily available content for continued education will birth more dreams, more aspirations and more entrepreneurs than Africa has ever seen come from rural areas. The opportunities for success are within grasp.


MyPower Solutions wants to inspire people on how to tap into their hidden potential. MyPower Solutions is all-in for giving individuals a hand up. To inspire people, MyPower Solutions will provide top leadership training programs available through the mini tablets. Ranging from business leadership, life management to inspirational sermons and spiritual development programs, the content is compiled to encourage and empower the individual in poverty to envision a life of dignity. The leadership program will build on the natural strengths that many Africans already possess – work ethic, team-oriented and a yearning for change. MyPower Solutions is capitalizing on these core values and providing the tools for transforming lives and communities forever.