March 2016 Newsletter – MyPower Solutions Ground Breaking News!

Poverty Dignified is excited to announce the successful launch of our first MyPower Solutions franchise store on March 5th beside the Encochoyini Primary School at Phola Park Thokoza. This long awaited launch of MyPower Solutions would not have been possible without your continued prayers, belief and support!

Over 350 people attended our grand opening to learn about our products and services for the community. In the first week we had 91 people sign up with Standard Bank to open an account and purchase a product kit. Throughout the first three weeks we have had a total of 379 potential customers to fill out paperwork with Standard Bank to get a loan for the purchase of a product kit for $350 US. Standard Bank is now in the process of doing their due diligence to provide loan approval for these customers. We are thrilled with the results so far and the continued community support and interest for MyPower Solutions. Our goal is to have 500 customers signed up over the first 4 months and to validate our financial projections.

It’s important to note that we intentionally located the first franchise in one of the most poverty stricken areas, and even in these conditions we have surpassed our projections with great acceptance from the community and the South African Education Department. With this success we are now ready to open our next 2 purchased franchise locations and from there aggressively expand to fulfill current invitations to over 2000 school properties…
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