A quarter of the world’s population- 1.6 billion people- live without electricity. In Africa alone, there are 735 million cell phone subscribers, 590 million who live without electricity. Poverty Dignified is rolling out MyPower Solutions franchise units across Africa to reach individuals and families who live without electricity and currently use kerosene for light, and those who have no means to charge their cell phone. The goal is to fulfill the need for clean, affordable and sustainable power in order to provide economic opportunity that moves people from poverty into a dignified condition.

MyPower Solutions is a simple, focused business model that provides the affordable, practical, mobile electricity necessary to power life’s essential needs. By providing mobile power through our state of the art solar technology, we can empower people in rural areas across the globe with life changing opportunities. Through a simple battery exchange franchise concept, our individual battery packs supply the daily energy needed for clean LED lighting, cell phones and mini tablets loaded with inspiration, education and entertainment. The passion that drives us to succeed is measured only in the lives that are changed and the business leaders we have equipped to be a catalyst of sustainability in their communities.

Franchise Owners/Managers

There are two franchise opportunities available, one as an investor-franchisee and the other as an owner-franchisee. Both are selected through the application process detailed in the Franchise Disclosure Document. Once approved, the franchisee is then awarded the franchise rights to a territory in Africa.

The investor-franchisee will purchase the franchise as an investment, taking more of a passive role by engaging an approved management company to run the daily operations. The owner-franchisee will purchase and actively run their own franchise. In either scenario, MyPower Solutions provides a turn-key solution starting with our solar-powered “Business-in-a-Box,” a cargo unit that is both a storefront and an learning center. The storefront services the MyPower Solutions products and provides battery charging and exchange services that daily impact the social and economic growth of a community, as well as improve quality of life for each individual.

MyPower Solutions eco-system coordinates the training academy to empower and mentor both the franchise owner and/or the franchise manager. Franchise owners/managers receive extensive one-on-one training as well as continuing education through seminars, workshops, manuals and videos. They will be given marketing support with access to signage for inside and outside the storefront, flyers, website, flags, sandwich boards and a pre-launch party/demonstration event.

If you are interested in becoming a franchise owner, please register to gain access to additional information, and one of your team members will contact you immediately to answer any further questions you may have.