Empowering People

MyPower Solutions originated from co-founders Kevin Lowther, Jon Biggs and Trip Critz, who combined their faith and experience as entrepreneurs to act on the belief that technology can change the lives of people living in poverty conditions across the globe. Their belief and leadership has grown into a powerful solution the size of a handheld battery pack, exclusive to their micro-franchise mobile energy company called MyPower Solutions.

Each battery pack provides people in rural areas with the power to manage their basic power needs. The MyPower Solutions franchise unit provides mini-tablets for education, music and  entertainment, clean LED lighting systems and battery packs for  each customer to charge these devices daily.  The battery pack  maintains a charge for six and a half hours, and fully charged batteries are available at each MyPower  Solutions store. My Power Solutions offers aspiring entrepreneurs a “business in a box,” a cargo unit operated by  solar power with living quarters and a store front. Funded by franchise investors and supported by training in the business model and the Poverty Dignified philosophy, My Power Solutions empowers entrepreneurs while powering their communities.

Power that turns poverty into prosperity by delivering safe lighting where there is none; communication where it lacks; education where it was never before possible; and economic opportunity where little exists, that is how MyPower Solutions mobile energy technologies will empower people and communities throughout Africa and across the globe. For more details or to get involved, visit us online at and register.