March 2016 Newsletter – MyPower Solutions Ground Breaking News!

Poverty Dignified is excited to announce the successful launch of our first MyPower Solutions franchise store on March 5th beside the Encochoyini Primary School at Phola Park Thokoza. This long awaited launch of MyPower Solutions would not have been possible without your continued prayers, belief and support!

Over 350 people attended our grand opening to learn about our products and services for the community. In the first week we had 91 people sign up with Standard Bank to open an account and purchase a product kit. Throughout the first three weeks we have had a total of 379 potential customers to fill out paperwork with Standard Bank to get a loan for the purchase of a product kit for $350 US. Standard Bank is now in the process of doing their due diligence to provide loan approval for these customers. We are thrilled with the results so far and the continued community support and interest for MyPower Solutions. Our goal is to have 500 customers signed up over the first 4 months and to validate our financial projections.

It’s important to note that we intentionally located the first franchise in one of the most poverty stricken areas, and even in these conditions we have surpassed our projections with great acceptance from the community and the South African Education Department. With this success we are now ready to open our next 2 purchased franchise locations and from there aggressively expand to fulfill current invitations to over 2000 school properties…
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Another Milestone Reached

Stock Certificates Go Out!

“Another milestone in accomplishing our goals as a company.”

It’s with great excitement that we write send this newsletter to each shareholder announcing your stock certificate. Over the past year we have made tremendous strides as a company to enter the Public Markets and position ourselves to capture unprecedented growth in 2016. This is just another success in accomplishing our goals as a company.

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Things Are Heating Up

Temperatures are not the only thing heating up the summer of 2015.

We just received an “Effective” status from the SEC and are now moving forward with FINRA to complete the 15(c) 211 process to secure a ticker symbol. We expect to be trading on the OTC.BB sometime in August, and will keep you posted.

We’re also pleased to announce a variety of exciting initiatives at MyPower Solutions that will ignite our vision as the leading provider of mobile power and other services to improve lives… while creating opportunity for prosperity in the developing world.

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First Franchise Sold

Pastor Randy Hollis and the congregation of The Believer’s Church in Louisville, Kentucky are setting the pace for transformation in rural areas of Africa with the purchase of the very first MyPower Solutions franchise. For over 33 years, Pastor Randy Hollis has had a passion for missions and believes MyPower Solutions is the answer to creating sustainable change.

“This is the largest single investment The Believers Church has ever made in missions, but it’s only the beginning” said Pastor Randy. The Believers Church has set of goal of having 40 franchise locations over the next 10 years, and cultivating a mission’s field where they can daily impact the lives of over 100,000 people. Check out The Believer’s Church at http://www.thebelieverschurch.com

“Sustainability is the Key! Our Church can make a one time investment that will pay for itself in 12 months and continue to change lives throughout Africa for years to come. It’s the way missions should be…”

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Empowering People

MyPower Solutions originated from co-founders Kevin Lowther, Jon Biggs and Trip Critz, who combined their faith and experience as entrepreneurs to act on the belief that technology can change the lives of people living in poverty conditions across the globe. Their belief and leadership has grown into a powerful solution the size of a handheld battery pack, exclusive to their micro-franchise mobile energy company called MyPower Solutions.

Each battery pack provides people in rural areas with the power to manage their basic power needs. The MyPower Solutions franchise unit provides mini-tablets for education, music and  entertainment, clean LED lighting systems and battery packs for  each customer to charge these devices daily.  The battery pack  maintains a charge for six and a half hours, and fully charged batteries are available at each MyPower  Solutions store. My Power Solutions offers aspiring entrepreneurs a “business in a box,” a cargo unit operated by  solar power with living quarters and a store front. Funded by franchise investors and supported by training in the business model and the Poverty Dignified philosophy, My Power Solutions empowers entrepreneurs while powering their communities.

Power that turns poverty into prosperity by delivering safe lighting where there is none; communication where it lacks; education where it was never before possible; and economic opportunity where little exists, that is how MyPower Solutions mobile energy technologies will empower people and communities throughout Africa and across the globe. For more details or to get involved, visit us online at www.mypower-solutions.com and register.

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Communication in Rural Africa

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In today’s western world, we can text, call, email, face time, post, tweet, tag, pin, share to instantly communicate to one another. But can you imagine life without your phone, tablet, computer, internet or even power?

With over one billion people in Africa, 590 million individuals in rural areas are still without any access to power. Surprisingly, there are 735 million cell phone subscribers in Africa. This creates a challenge – a cell phone with access to cellular service, but with no rechargeable solution. Although, the cell phone is in hand, individuals are left without the power to communicate – to be notified, to request help and the only way to charge their phone is to walk a day and a half to the nearest place that has power.

MyPower Solutions franchise units are bringing the power to the rural areas with the world’s first mobile energy franchise business. Franchises are being purchased now to be in operation starting in August of 2015. To understand the business model, visit us online at www.mypower-solutions.com and simply register to view the franchise presentation.


Life Changing Capabilities

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

– Edith Wharton

This quote compliments the MyPower mission quite well. MyPower Solutions offers a kit of tools that could be utilized for day-to-day activities, but the power is not in the solar powered technology or the rechargeable battery pack. The power is in the core values behind MyPower Solutions – to impact the individual, community and local economy. The power lies in the life-changing capabilities to educate individuals through the kit’s smart device.

In rural areas, where so little is available, education should be the last thing taken away from an individual. In an environment with little to no access to the basics in education, MyPower Solutions is now shining the light into these communities. MyPower Solutions is literally lighting the way to turn poverty into prosperity.

MyPower Solutions is changing lives in rural areas across the globe, starting in Africa. For more details or to get involved, visit us online at www.mypower-solutions.com and register.


Franchise Disclosure Document

We want to communicate with each of you on ways that we can continue to work together in changing lives across the globe.

The Franchise Disclosure Document allows us to officially sell franchise units to Churches, Para Churches, Social Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists and Kingdom Investors throughout the United States. Franchise units sold now will be put on the ground in South Africa beginning in May.

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From Planning to Planting

One of the most blessed times of the year, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, is fast approaching and we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

December is the transition from refining product development and capital raising to implementation. We recently met with the African team in our US corporate office. Our mission was successful in fine tuning the implementation of our rollout plan.

We are in the process of hiring outside sales representatives for franchise sales, managers and employees to begin training. It is important that excellence is achieved by each employee, owner and representative of our brand.

Our current training academy is setup in Johannesburg, South Africa. As our team is training, we will continue to entertain the outpouring of interest from investors, government officials, organizations and financial institutions.

Building a micro-franchise enterprise from the ground up and outlining operational procedures for every aspect of the business from the US office to South Africa is a large endeavor. Our goal is to present MyPower Solutions in a positive light from the user to the owners and investors. As the store builds its customer base, revenue will be generated as well as the first sales data. Reports will also track user activity via the tablet-based app.

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