The Poverty Dignified (MyPower Solutions is governed by Poverty Dignified) team met Bella the night before they opened their first store in Kibera, Nairobi. She was sitting alone in darkness in her small home. With no access to light and just a small kerosene flame burning, she was living a very limited life after the sun went down and was vulnerable to everything that happens after dark in Africa’s toughest slum. Bella experienced light in her home for the first time. That experience opened Bella’s eyes to see that light changes everything!

Bella was invited by Jon Biggs, Poverty Dignified co-founder to join the team at the companies’ pilot store in Nairobi. At the age of 18, Bella was the youngest member of the Poverty Dignified staff. When she was not at school or working on her studies, she was at the Poverty Dignified store charging cell phones and renting solar powered lights for the residents of Kibera. She dreams of owning her own Poverty Dignified franchise and hopes to start an orphanage in her native country of Kenya. She believes this will now become a reality because of Poverty Dignified’s commitment to community reinvestment. Bella is on the pathway out of poverty and into dignity.

Bella was empowered to continue education with upcoming opportunities from MyPower Solutions Business-in-a-Box. MyPower Solutions is excited about young leaders that have Bella’s youthful energy fueling a MyPower Solutions store.